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Each month I do a number of  Patreon powered request projects!

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I’ve been doing inserts for LoadingReadyRun’s new fake small town radio improv podcast Qwerpline. Thought you might enjoy a closer look at the art.




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The Itch

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The Feather-Cast

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Bonus Bears

Just when you think you’re out they pull you back in. So did an art stream today and the chat requested I do the “where are they now” bits form the end of Lava Bears. As I had already pretty much visualized those images out of habit at this point I thought why not put down the pixels. I should also mention this is a whole load of Bears art fro sale up on my Etsy if you care to check that out .
where now 04 where now 03 where now 02 where now 01

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Lava Bears End Game

Graham elf 02

Kathleen Drow 3

tally dwarf 02

Beej Dragonborn 02

James half elf 02

01 Lava Bears End Game

07 Lava Bears End Game

06 Lava Bears End Game

05-B Lava Bears End Game

05 Lava Bears End Game

04 Lava Bears End Game

03 Lava Bears End Game

02 Lava Bears End Game

eg extra 01

eg extra 02

eg extra 03

eg extra 04

eg extra 05

eg extra 06

eg extra 07

eg extra 08

eg extra 09

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Penultimate Bears

49 end game

tally dwarfthok 2.0



43 baby dragon18 rob find18 voltreeno


52 bear man40 think tuant38 vais mind touch


10 scat check11 scat check18 skelaghost


22 bless1 sucker punch49 eye bye


14 iphone joke25 bones31 lvl 1 spell


38 poor choices33 stink eye41 bye bye


58 crazy book41 clench22 help


38 thok carri24 smile23 thok wall


41  lava dorp7 star room50 magic thok


34 weird drawing40 nervais6 fog poof


13 bee dance33 high five44 high five


1 bear cage14 DOH












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Stream Fun Times

Hello, Yesterday I did an Art request stream over on my Twitch channel and I thought I should post up the results. Inclued is such things as a tech support sloth and walrus jousting. Enjoy!

scan_0038scan_0040 togscan_0036scan_0037scan_0035

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Lava Bears Art Drop III

lava beeBeej Dragonborn 1-08 boltdance rock thokturtle leavecoin check fineendless spiked pit thok lava pit fallsnake room rope hang AwwFood1-04 ooo bees 56 bard boost

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Drummer Boy Art

LRR asked me to help with this years Christmas Video.



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Lava Bears Art Drop

More Art form Temple of the Lava Bear. In no particular order.

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