Spring is Here!

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Robo walk


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Con G!

It’s that time of year again that wonderful Con G time. As always I’m In a bit of a scramble to get ready again. I’m doing pretty good though, New Puppet pattern all drafted for my Puppet Demo Panel (Friday 8pm), Con Commissioned guest gifts waiting to be warped and once I’m done here I’ll start gathering up my Costume stuff and see if I have enough time to add a few tweaks to my Robo costume. Looking foreword to a fun weekend and some much needed socializing.

Speaking of Guest gifts guess who this painting is for :P

rofio batter

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This and That

Piccolo Painting
Piccolo small

Jack Frost Plush
jack frost

Pixel Art Of Derek The Bard

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It’s a Good Scarf

scarf tut smaller

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Red shirt

For anyone interested I’ve started cross post my paintings to a new Tumblr so if that’s your thing feel free to keep and eye on it and share around any of my paintings.


red shirt small

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Stolen Jokes

For any one interested I’ve decided that instead of cluttering up this site with my doodlely comics I’d just give them their own home.

You can now find them on The Stolen Jokes Tumblr

stolen jokes avatar

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Lets Talk Book

Please Contact me with the details of what parts of my Prop building you would like me to cover in my Book

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Moar Comics

A few more of the comics I draw to amuse myself based on the LoadingReadyRun peeps. Also gave biting Abby’s style a try.

bewrd  joke

comic bax


Abby Comic

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Art Drop

Star terk 01 small


pug small2

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