Let’s Try Something New.

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We have hit my second Milestone!

Each month I will be doing a limited number of  Patreon powered request projects!

If I accept your request all you have to do is pay the shipping when it’s done.

For more details go to my

Patreon Requests Page

I’ve launched a Patreon campaign in the hopes of making my work an open resource freely available by request.

For more details check out my Patreon page.

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The Whole Story.

LoadingReadyRun asked me to do some faux historical art for their latest video. So I did.

butter kick colour fix small


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Mr. Yeti Puppet

mr yeti

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He’s Helpful!



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NCR Ranger Helmet

NCR 01

NCR 04

NCR 05

NCR 02

NCR 03

Patreon Drop in 2

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Trafalgar Law Sheath

tl 02

tl 01

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Grappling Hook 2: The Revengening

A repeat of Mabel grappling hook.



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JW frontjw back

Ringly plush frontringly plush back

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Spring is Here!

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Robo walk


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